2D Animation

Image editing

Technologies makes use of powerful image editing tools to give you fantastic outputs which matches your imagination.
We provide all kinds of photo editing services for a vast variety of purposes, including editing face and body photos, polishing sales and auctions business photos, fire vehicles and real estate photos, editing nature and animal photos.

Image retouching

We provide Image retouching services on images like removing dust & scratches on image, image manipulation, color correction, enhancement, matching skin color tones.

Image coloring

We provide image coloring services where in we adjust the hue/ saturation levels of an image, brightness/contrast levels, lightening, and many other manipulations. The most important service is that we can convert black and pictures into colored ones that represent the original pictures.

Photo retouching

We provide photo retouching services such as removal of un-required back-grounds, covering up useless element and provide you an excellent copy of the photo with good quality.

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